Author Mentoring 

I’ve worked for a long time as a writing mentor in a MFA program. I know the value of creative ideas, the hard work of writing a story or novel. My passions is fostering relationships with writers who see the artistic vision of creative writing as a lifelong relationship. Author mentoring can be scaled to your budget, your time, and your goals. But more importantly, it builds the support and vision of your work. I am proud of the relationships I have with other writers. I am always proud and amazed at their creativity and dedication to their craft. Types of interactions include reading work, developing resources, deciding on an MFA program, navigating the emotional rollercoaster of submitting your work, finding an agent, or starting something new. This is a holistic approach to writing and doesn’t focus on manuscript pages, but in building a creative writing life. Please reach out and we can discuss this kind of work. It can be tailored to your needs in a meaningful and affordable way.

Writing Workshops

Facilitate and manage a creative writing workshop to fit all levels of creative writing and vision. Titles include first five page, character development, marketing, creative lifestyle and more. A passion for reading, critical thinking, and a sense of creative passion, these workshops challenge and push forward your creative project and your ability to become the writer you seek to become. See more on workshops and connective events. 

Book Reviews 

Book reviews are contract work and I would be happy to discuss the nature of the review you are looking for. I have written books reviews for a number of blogs and websites including Library Journal. They are typically marketing book reviews. In depth reviews are done based on my discretion and passion for the title. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in this kind of service. 

Books Clubs and Other Events 

Hosting books clubs and literary discussions are a passion. As an English Major, I’ve always enjoyed the interconnect of texts, novels, and the vision it takes to create them. Hosting or being a guest at your next book club meeting is a fun way to keep the conversation going, speak to writers, and have an engaging time with your book club members. Virtual session and local live sessions are available. Send an email and we can figure out the best fit for your group. 

Samul tells this story with such luminous prose and immense imagination that the reader is transported to a place beyond the borders of the known world where new meaning attends our longings and our fears, and where we discover a deeper understanding of ourselves. I believe this is the requirement of literary fiction.

Don J. Snyder – Of Time and Memory & Fallen Angel

“An intriguing, skillfully constructed plot about the darker side of human nature. This novel features an intriguing and original main character.”

The Book Life Prize

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