Writing Workshops and Events

Pop-Up Writing Workshops

Flexible pop in workshops that are meant to boost your productivity and connect you with other writers. We will explore issues and dynamics happening in your writing, talk about the writing life, and get ideas that will move your forward.

First Five

Writers submit the first five pages, or any five pages and the group gives feedback.

Fiction Writing Deep Dive

A deep dive into some fiction writing projects (up to 20 pages) where writers really can get some feedback, discuss their vision, and get moving on work they might be stuck with. Writers would not talk while the group discusses and listens and then the writer can come back into the conversation. The idea is to listen to how your work is perceived and then share some observations.

Writer’s Life Discussion and How to Hold Yourself Accountable

While it is important to talk about your own writing, this is intentionally a discussion about the writing life, what is working and how you can meet your goals for a successful writing life.

Should I get my MFA in Creative Writing?

Information session on what MFA programs are like, how to get in, and what you can accomplish with them.

Zoom Zoom Readings

Online readings where writers get to read for a few minutes and share their work.

Book Reviews and Why They Are Important

Writing book reviews on Amazon, Good Reads, websites, and for published magazines is a good way to sharpen your reading skills and develop your writing abilities.

If you are interested in join a group or starting something new, email RonSamulWriter@gmail.com and we will put out an invitation to writers. Not every event is a Zoom event and some will be local events based in Connecticut. But we will also be providing a writer events schedule that you can jump into no matter where you are. If you don’t see what you are looking for – let me know via email. All workshops are open to people who are 18 years and older (if you are younger and interested just email me). They are designed to talk to fellow writers, connect, and feel productive. Most of the workshops and events are free and open to writers who are connected with me through mentoring, professional connections, and life long writing friends.

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