Mix Up Video by the Brilliant Kevin Hodgson

In 2017, the brilliant, creative and musical Kevin Hodgson created this incredible mix up from my blog. I watched this again and just wanted to share. A special thanks to the guy who will always be known as @dogtrax —

Sisterhood of the Infamous

Author: Jane Rosenberg LaForge  ISBN: 9781734383539 Publisher: New Meridian Arts Release Date: Feb. 23 2021 Sisterhood of the Infamous is a layered novel that weaves family, murder, and a life of complexity into a tight braid bringing the Ross sisters together. Told in a masterful narrative style that weaves these two women together over the… Continue Reading →

Zen and the Art of the Video Game

I grew up with video games, but not Halo or Red Dead Redemption, I grew up with Atari Adventure, Pitfall, and then into NES games like Top Gun and Tecmo Bowl. But the one game that put me on the path to Zen and the Art of Video Games was Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. I… Continue Reading →

Rejection Letters are Opportunities

I’ve been rejected from every type of writing professional possible. Agents, beta-readers, publishers, contests, magazines, blogs, awards, fellowships, graduate programs, friends, mentors, and readers. Do not give up! Writing is creative and artistic. But as soon as you package something with a cover letter and send it out for someone to review, you are now… Continue Reading →

Your Creativity Needs a Side Hustle

Writing a novel or poetry is tough work. And sometimes, things aren’t going as planned. Not sure what to do? Maybe your creative process needs a side hustle. For most people, a side-hustle is an extra job or skill that makes some extra money. But sometimes, your creativity needs a side hustle, too. To figure… Continue Reading →

“My God How Did I Get Here?”

Video Games Series: A Historical Introduction I was born a long time ago (early 1970’s) before there were even a thing called video games. I thought Pong as a concept was amazing and eventually played it all the time. We were playing a game (only one) on the television. It was epic! Before Atari and… Continue Reading →

The Eighth Life by Nino Haratischvili

Are all epic novels worth their weight? Not always, but this novel is worth every page. When I came to The Eighth Life by Nino Haratischvili, it was clear that it was long, but it didn’t feel like traditional historical fiction. It was something else. This book has been reviewed as a new lens to… Continue Reading →

The Secret Life of a Writing Journal

Do you use a journal when you are writing? Do you find long-hand writing helpful? I have been using a writing journal for a long time, but my journal is a complex work space — and it can be a disaster. It is filled with the hundreds of issues, connections, successes and visions that go into my… Continue Reading →

The Question & Letters to Humanity

“Write a letter to someone dead, alive, or otherwise. It can be someone from the past, the present, even the future. Sometimes, it helps to start with a question.” First, do the writing prompt above. Think about it and take seriously. And when you are done, read the rest of this article. It will make… Continue Reading →

Intimate Conspirators

It is hard to explain the process of writing a novel to people. There is so much brain power that goes into writing a novel. You have to be constantly planning and thinking. A novel takes over your head-space and it becomes an obsession. And once you write one, you know you can write more… Continue Reading →


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