Writer’s Page

This page is a collection of blog posts and articles that connect to the act of writing fiction. My primary focus is on fiction and my novel The Staff. I tried to break these two elements so you can find articles and connections faster. If there is something that is missing that you would like to discuss, let me know by sending me an email in the contact section. 

General Ideas Around Creative Writing 
Why Are You Reading Books Everyone Else Likes?

Prologues and Prefaces – Let’s Consider Paratexts

When Things Disappear: Books on Memory and Loss 

Fact and Philosophy in Novels 

Literary Cognitivism: Is Truth in the Proof? (It’s Complicated)

How to Get the Most out of a Writer’s Conference 

Creative Writing 
Let’s Talk: putting your dialogue to work

Keeping a Journal of Disasters (Journal Series I)

Journal of Disasters: Problem Solvers (Journal Series II) 

Reading List / What Inspires 

Writer’s Journal: change the way your write 

Significant Details: Proof

Creative Writing and the novel The Staff 
Let’s Talk about The Staff: meta-writers

Let’s Talk About The Staff: chapters: give me a break

Let’s Talk About The Staff: the jumping boy

Let’s Talk About The Staff: Lucifer’s Wing

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