Up Coming Events

Upcoming Events

More events to come. If you would like more information concerning book clubs and appearance, please reach out to ronsamulwriter@gmail.com

Past Events 

Hollihock Writers Conference / New Bedford, Mass. August 21-23, 2019 (Presented on Fact, Fiction, and Forgery). 

Experiment Novels / Hollihock Writing Conference, New Bedford, MA. (August 25-27, 2017)

Preparing for College / LEARN Disability Summit, Mohegan Sun Convention Center, Ledyard, CT (March 11, 2017)

Star Wars Effect / Northeast Popular Culture Association, Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH (October 31, 2015)

Truth & Fact in Graphic Storytelling / Northeast Popular Culture Association, Providence College (October 21, 2014) (Paper Here)

Creative Reading / WCSU Summer Residency (August 2014)

Fake, Forgeries, and Fact / WCSU Summer Residency (August 2014)

The Novel and Shifting Model / WCSU Summer Residency (August 2013)

Dear Humanity – Writing to the Soul / Mitchell College (September 2013)

Using Video in Higher Education Writing Models / Mitchell College Technology and Society Symposium (Spring 2012)

The Truth & Fiction  Developing Strong Characters / WCSU Summer Residency 2009 (presented with Kirstin Genthner)

Presenting Areas 

Creative Process 
Literary Pedagogy 

Social Media 
Online Learning Environments
Writing Social Commentary
Ethics in Social Media
Outdoor / Adventure Writing 
Creative Writing / Fiction Workshops – from Beginners to Graduate Level Creative Writing
Creative Readings in Fiction 
New Media in the Classroom
Technology and At-Risk Students


Modern Language Association

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