The Art of Nothing – Existential Horror

Ever think there is someone behind you when you walk up the stairs, and you spin around and there is nothing there? That is what my article The Art of Nothing is all about. Check out the link and visit the creative talents at Western Legends Publishing.

“Existential horror is the subtly of suggestion and innuendo. It is the ability to prove the almost imperceptible.”

This article explains the concept of existential horror with a sampling from modern and classic horror stories. From the modern House of Leaves to the H. P. Lovecraft short The Color Out of Space, this article pushes the concept of fear less than a creature or a series of gruesome scenes, and suggests something closer to the truth of who we are and what we really fear.

“The art of nothing or the “inexpressible horror” is an empty promise: something that is closer to reality than to fiction.”

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