First Read Manuscript Review

First Read is an innovative approach to getting feedback that will enhance your writing experience with meaningful and productive outcomes. First Read Review is having a writing mentor and educator look at your work and bring quality, informed, and focused feedback to your desk.

This is not a full edit, but a read through with positive and focused feedback designed to keep you motivated. You will receive comments, insights, connections to resources and specific areas to begin your revision.

What You Will Get

  • Feedback: quality focused feedback in a conversational style
  • Analysis: includes all elements of storytelling without changing your vision
  • Feedback from a writer and educator who knows the work that goes into your writing
  • Expertise in the craft of fiction and storytelling
  • Access to workshops, events, newsletters, and other service offers

Manuscript and thesis level development is also available based on length of work, timeline and budgets.

How does it work?

  1. Submit first chapter and a cover letter with goals
  2. I will read it for free
  3. If I decide to take on the project, I will send you a contract
  4. Once the contract is signed, the project begins
  5. Feedback is returned by contracted deadline
  6. Two week discussion period that includes unlimited email and 1-2 phone calls

Take-Aways for the Writer

  • Clear places to work on revision
  • Places to strengthen and re-examine
  • Conversation about theme and intention of the work
  • Other writing resources and theory
  • Basic book comparison ideas


As a working writer, I know it can be expensive to find and use editorial services. But to keep it simple and to give you useful feedback quickly, I have decided to offer a lighter, flexible way to get feedback for your work. I will consider working with different budgets and timelines. If you don’t see a price that fits into your budget, feel free to email and discuss your work and your vision.

$550.00 for novel (based on 75K words) — 10 days

$375.00 for novel length (based on 75k words) — 20 days

$250.00 for novel length (based on 75k words) — +30 days based on schedule

$45.00 for short story feedback (up to 5k words) – based on schedule

Will also consider poetry collections, movie scripts, MFA thesis, and other writing projects.

I reserve the right to preview the work to ensure I can offer the best service for your budget. I value the work and the vision you put into your writing. Please respect my years of writing, reading, and teaching in the field as we collaborate.




Ron Samul is a writer, educator, and shipwreck diver. He holds an MFA in Professional Writing from Western Connecticut State University where he mentors graduate students and writes novels. He is a college writing instructor and the Assistant Director for the Thames at Mitchell College Program. He has worked as a journalist, literary magazine editor, publisher, and book reviewer. His articles and stories have appeared in the SN Review, Library Journal, Liturgical Credo, Inside Out Magazine, Inquiring News Hartford, Dive IN Magazine, and on other print/electronic media. He creates special digital and print projects based on creative writing and local New London history. He is the winner of Connecticut AWP Fiction Award in 2005 for his short story Paper Thin. His novel The Staff is available in print and e-book format through a variety of book outlets.

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