Sisterhood of the Infamous

Author: Jane Rosenberg LaForge 

ISBN: 9781734383539

Publisher: New Meridian Arts

Release Date: Feb. 23 2021

Sisterhood of the Infamous is a layered novel that weaves family, murder, and a life of complexity into a tight braid bringing the Ross sisters together. Told in a masterful narrative style that weaves these two women together over the course of their lives, connecting to parents, adolescents, coming-of-age, and into the complicated world of adulthood where dreams are just as complicated as the past. It is a bold and audacious step to start a novel with the terminal illness of Barbara Ross, but it is at this last chapter that brings the intersection of the most dynamic lives. Her unnamed sister is there to protect her, but also provoke the past, and explore the threads that have come together in her last few weeks. Like Tolstoy’s Ivan Illyich, Barbara moves in and out of the story, remembering her life as a punk rocker, a mathematician, and in love with the iconic superstar Jasmine who was part of the punk scene in her early days of music. When she is found dead in the Hollywood hills, Barbara is a leading suspect. As the press converge on the house, her sister walks a fine line between protecting her sister and the sibling fight that has been ongoing for their entire lives. Jane Rosenberg LaForge, a poet and novelist, is an expert at moving the reader into this dense and woven narrative that draws out difficulties, the power, and the complexity of sisters, careers, and dying with dignity. A deeply moving look at an intersection between life, death, and the powerful connections between two sisters. This book is an important vision of contemporary family dynamics. A plot driven thriller woven together with the skill and grace of LaForge’s poetic vision. 

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