Fiction Writing Workshop

The art of writing is important and when you are writing, there is really nothing more you need. But when you are between projects, struggling to get started, or just connect with different ideas; a writing workshop might be the motivation that moves your writing forward. A good writing workshop also hold you accountable to your writing. I have a proposal for you. 

Writing Groups and the Personal Writing Workshop
It is nice to get together and see writers in person. It is nice to sit and talk about writing and handle pages. It can be very rewarding to sit among writers and really discuss the words on the page deeply. There is something important and satisfying to being there among writers that helps define a writer’s credibility and focus. This works in workshops, conferences, and classes. Most people have complicated schedules and often start strong but drop out because of schedules and family obligations outside the group. 

Online Writing Workshops 
Online writing workshops don’t feel intimate. In fact, in many ways, online courses are based on the idea that content and the work can be done, but in your own home and on your own terms. That is great if you are already busy and don’t have time to go out and meet with a group of writers. But you lose the intimate feeling of meeting writers and really discussing the work. However, online writing workshops can be productive and they can help push your writing, ideas, connection, and community. Some workshops are set up to work independently, while some are designed to build in Skype or conference sessions that connect with real people on the screen. 

Writing and working is an isolating and sometimes lonely endeavor but in many ways, we long for the room to get the writing done. But we also need meaningful and focused feedback. The two concepts that come up in writing workshops is synchronous learning which means everyone is working on the same pace and on the same topic or idea together. Asynchronous learning is when people come and go from the platform and get what they need – regardless of what time it is. There is not a focus on completion dates, but more on taking in the content and using it for what you need. Synchronous learning is more teacher focused and deadline driven. Asynchronous learning is more student driven and focused around the needs of the student. 

There is also the learning platform, website, or blog that can be influential in shaping how you interact and learn. There is course software, blogs, emails, and other options. But in the end, you have to feel comfortable with the way you interact with course and the other writes in it. 

I would be interested in running a fiction writing workshop. And the goal would be to connect writers to quality feedback, pushing writers forward toward publishing, and creating a disciplined craft for the writers in the course. 

If you are interested in being involved in a possible fiction writing workshop, please fill out the survey and share your ideas. Names and emails are optional. If there is enough interest and focus, I would like to develop something that would be connective and important for writers. Please leave your ideas and get on the email list. I will keep you posted and you can decide if this is something that would help you as a writer. CLICK HERE for the survey.

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